It does not matter: the rejection you went through, how much hate you experienced, it really does not matter. You are enough, beautiful, and capable. Women are the most-strongest and go through a lot at times. Some end up losing their self-confidence because of what they go/went through. It’s sad to see women with potential giving up on their dreams or things that can help uplift them because they no longer feel “enough” or capable. Others suffered in the hands of those they trusted the most to an extent that they no longer have that trust within them.

Women are really broken out there. It is sometimes hard for them to open up about how they really feel because society has really changed. They fear being the topic of the day in their respective communities or on social media platforms hence others choose to not say a thing at all. These beautiful, broken women instead resort to harmful substances because of the fear of being shamed by the cold societies surrounding them.

It’s not a great feeling to see pillars doubting themselves. When you look clearly at this, some women are the reason why others are now miserable. What happened to our beautiful society? Where is the love, support, warmth, and generosity we would always show to each other? Are we the kind we would like our kids to look up to? What kind of examples are we setting to the little ones?

Can we please: go back to genuinely lifting each other up, giving each other enough support, cheering for one another, and all those other meaningful and beautiful things we can think of. Imagine a generation full of women who goes all out for one another, a generation with women who help fellow women win, a generation with women who do not see fellows as threats but instead as motivations. That is the kind of generation our kids should inherit. That is the winning generation.

This piece of writing is dedicated to all the beautiful women out there. You are all winners. Bring back the lost self-confidence and, go out there with it and a smile knowing that you are more than capable.

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