Women brutally attacked in Sandton


    SANDTON – Women brutally attacked at Sandton upmarket apartment building.

    here was outrage on social media after a video of a woman who was brutally attacked at a luxury Sandton apartment building surfaced in the early hours of 11 November.

    According to emergency services provider Ralmed, the incident occurred in the early hours of 10 November.

    “We responded to a call at [the apartment building] where we found lots of broken glass, blood, and the victim, who was laying down on her back,” said Ralmed owner Owen Manhire who added that he was part of the team which responded to the scene.

    Manhire said the victim claimed that her ex-boyfriend had thrown a bottle at her. He added that because of the severe cuts on her head, legs, and arms, he assumed that she was struck with a bottle that was full.

    Manhire said when he arrived on the scene, the victim was semi-conscious. “She managed to regain full consciousness over time,” he said.Once stabilised, the victim was rushed to the nearest hospital.Twitter account The Popcorn Room posted what appeared to be the victim confirming that she was alive.The owner of the apartment building could not be contacted at the time of going to print.

    Source: Sandton Chronicle