DIEPSLOOT- A call to fight against crime

Following multiple incidents of break-ins happening in and around Ext 12 and 13, the community decided that they have heard enough and asked the police to come and hear their cries, because they are tired of not feeling safe and being attacked in their own homes. On 24 June Brig Moichela, Cpt Kekana, Col Mohale and other members of the force, gathered at Ext 13 sports ground together with the Community members to interact on how best can the police and community work together in the fight against crime.

During the question and answer session, some of the biggest concern for the resident was being victimised in their homes by criminals and not having police vans that patrols at night, and they further stated that they are tired of seeing Police presence during the day when they are collecting bribes from certain taverns and spaza shops owners. The community members were all in agreement that the police should help them in bringing back the (TRT) Tactical Response Team (mabherete) in Diepsloot, because they believe, they could free them from the criminals.  In response to alleged corrupt police officers, Brig Moichela urged the community to report all allegations of corrupt officers to him and all other criminal activities happening in the Community, because alone they cannot solve all problems. ‘’Landlords should also conduct background checks on their tenants in order to avoid harbouring criminals in their yards,’’ Moichela concluded.

Community’s views on Crime

Crime has been a major issue in our communities and the lives of residence are at risk, however our communities are voicing their views on how crime has been affecting their livelihood and what can be done.

Patrick Chauke(Ext 3 Diepsloot) “I know a lot of people in my section who got marked several times, and I think more police forces must be allocated per extension specifically Amabherethe”

Albert Sithole from Extension 11,

My area has been named after nine, after the incident happened just a month ago where five armed guys broke into my house and took all my valuables. Therefore, I think house to house search must be conducted every month because lots of criminals hide themselves ekasi during the day.

“All squatter camps in townships should be electrified and passages used as pedestrian roads should have a law enforcement operating next to them”Sfiso Shezi Ext 11

France Kekana(Former CPF)

“AS the elected CPF, I feel hopeless because there is no support and respect for us because we are not equipped with necessary resources to serve our people mo Kasi, we need respect, unity and clear communication from the SAPS”

Thato Kekana (Alexandra Riverside) Amabherethe is the solution for crime mo kasi, because the police are not useful as criminals roam and rule the streets of our townships e.g. Tembisa, Olivenhoutbosch, Cosmo City, Zandspruit, Soweto, it’s all the same.

Lindiwe Nhlapo

“The government must give our people proper jobs, because if not so maCPF ba sebetsa le dinokwane so nna ke re Mabherethe should come back and fix our townships”

Lerato Rathabo “from March this year, there has been a consistent house breaking in my area and most of the people know these criminals because they live amongst our communities, however if o ka botsa maphodisa nothing will happen”

Township news team call for serious intervention from the police together with the CPF and the communities from every extension to fight crime in the area.