WATCH: Soshanguve mom inconsolable after ex boyfriend hangs her 3 children and himself

    A tearful Lucia Ndala whose three children were killed by her ex-boyfriend. Picture: Rudzani Matshili

    Pretoria – “Molefe has robbed me of my only reason for living. He has torn my heart apart!.”

    These were the words of an inconsolable Soshanguve mother whose three children were allegedly killed by a “bitter” ex-boyfriend.

    She poured her heart out to a cousin named Portia, in the presence of the media, on Wednesday afternoon.

    The cousin had gone to her home to comfort the 27-year-old mother,

    Grief remained etched on the faces of family members and friends who had flocked to the home to give their condolences.

    Thabang (11), Amogelang (3) and Lebogang (2) were hanged by Molefe Mojutu before he killed himself, also by hanging in his Soshanguve Block W home on Tuesday.

    The house in which the hangings took place. Picture: Rudzani Matshili

    The older two children were from a previous relationship and the youngest was the killer’s child.

    The mother, Lucia Ndala could hardly string a sentence together when she recalled going to the house and finding her children hanged inside a small room.

    From what the mother understands, the children were fed rat poison before being hanged.

    “When I got to that house I saw a horror movie. I touched my first born’s face and told him to wake.

    “That guy has torn my heart apart. He made sure he’d leave me with questions no one in this world could ever answer.

    “He is cruel and I wish he could have just killed me instead and left my innocent children out of this.

    “I’m just wondering what was going through his mind when he hanged the first one, and then the second one and went on to the third.

    “How did he feel when they were screaming for help? This guy has left me with so many questions and only he can answer them,” the emotional mother said.

    Ndala said her ex-boyfriend often threatened to kill her and the children but she thought it was just talking, until Tuesday.

    Before he killed them, I called him to ask where he had taken the children to and he told me he wanted to buy them pizza.

    He asked me what I would do if he killed the children and I said: “I know you would not do that,” he then gave my first and second born the phone to tell me that they love men,” she said.

    Ndala said her ex-boyfriend used to transport the three children to school.

    She said he had tried on three separate occasions to commit suicide because she no longer wanted to be with him.

    She suspects he killed the children because she did not want to be with him anymore.

    Police swiftly responded to the scene where the four were certified dead.

    Police confirmed three murder cases and an inquest docket had been opened. Source: Pretoria News