WATCH: Local musicians bring hope during lockdown

Singer Ziza Muftic sings in the Rays of Sun song video. Photo: Supplied

KYALAMI – Local musicians produce the musical video Rays of Sun to bring hope to fellow residents in lockdown.

Local musicians have created a song aimed to uplift and bring hope to communities in lockdown.

Kyalami resident Kristin Kallesen approached music producer and Lonehill resident Gary van Riet just before lockdown with the idea to create a song.

She said, “It was the first day of lockdown and I was feeling nervous about what the next weeks and months would hold. It’s evident our world is not going to be the same and change is always unsettling. I looked out into the garden, noticed the beauty and immediately felt at peace.”

Tulla Eckhart is the first artist seen in the uplifting video. Photo: Supplied

Van Riet said that once he had finished composing, he called vocalists he knew were active in the music industry. Artists Tulla Eckhart, RJ Benjamin, Tebogo Moloto, Ziza Muftic, Wandile Mbambeni and Richard Gau were happy to contribute.

Van Riet roped in Robin Kohl at Jazzworx for mixing and mastering and Kyalami resident Darryl van Niekerk from Perfect Directions to put together the video.

The music video Rays of Sun shows scenes of nature, which most residents are missing out on during the lockdown.

Wandile Mbambeni sings his heart out under lockdown. Photo: Supplied

“Not only did we want to uplift people and create a sense of hope and remind us all how beautiful our planet really is, we also wanted people to see who the artists are,” said Van Riet adding that it was a challenge to get the artists to record footage at home.

Van Niekerk was impressed with the end product and the unity it created within the team. “I just love the fact that in complete isolation, we could do something in unity.”

Richard Gau sings from his home during lockdown. Photo: Supplied

He hopes listeners will be able to celebrate life by watching the video. “No matter how crazy it is, we have a choice to find love and beauty even in the worst times. Sometimes from the worst circumstances comes the best resolve.”

Kallesen described the video saying, “It reminds us that we live in a beautiful world and there is always something to be thankful for.”

He said that artists and performers were among the first to stop working when large gatherings were prohibited, yet residents need their music and inspiration to lift their mood during lockdown.

“I hope viewers will feel a sense of peace and hopefulness. We are getting an opportunity to reflect and I hope we learn to respect our world; it is indeed awesome,” Kallesen concluded.

By: Sarah Koning