Ward 105 councillor calls upon community members to bring out their brooms in a war against filthiness

Residents of Ward 105 clean the streets of their neighbourhood. Photo: Nduduzo Nxumalo

FAR EAST BANK– Raphadu said Love Your Kasi cleaning campaign was an initiative and the idea of community members.

Following a busy festive season that left streets and local parks filled with tons of garbage, the residents of Ward 105 in the City of Johannesburg, led by their councillor Tefo Raphadu, kicked off the year 2020 with a campaign to keep the neighbourhood clean.

Raphadu said the Love Your Kasi cleaning campaign was an initiative from community members who were unhappy with the situation and decided to take it up to themselves to keep their neighbourhood clean. “Today’s cleaning campaign was ignited by the urgent need to keep our streets and local parks clean. We have decided, as residents of Ward 105, to take it upon ourselves to get rid of the rot and filthiness in our community. This programme, Love Your Kasi, will take place every month to ensure that we keep our streets clean.”

In August 2017, the previous mayor of the City of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba launched a citywide cleaning campaign, A Re Sebetseng. “A Re Sebetseng was an initiative of the City officials to go and clean in different neighbourhoods. This one is different, it’s an initiative by the community members to take it upon themselves to clean their township.”

Ward 105 councillor in the City of Johannesburg Tefo Raphadu (yellow jacket). Photo: Nduduzo Nxumalo

Raphadu thanked the City’s waste collection company, Pikitup, the department of City Parks and Zoo and community members who came out in their numbers to participate in a ‘game-changer initiative’.

One of the residents who participated to the cleaning campaign Annah Mhangwani, said residents should not wait for waste collection utility to do something for them. “Keeping our neighbourhood clean is the responsibility of each and every one of us. I’m glad that our community has finally realised that we cannot wait for Pikitup to keep our streets clean,” she said.

By Nduduzo Nxumalo