Update: Metro police recover stolen goods after suspect spills the goods


    ALEXANDRA – Police have arrested more suspects after an investigation led them to more stolen goods.


    Metro police chief David Tembe said police members of Region E recovered stolen goods in Alexandra after receiving information of a hijacked Renault Sandero from vehicle recovery company, Rentrak. 

    The recovery company managed to track down the vehicle to Alexandra east bank and a suspect was arrested. It was reported on 14 March that the suspect was found in possession of Metro police uniforms and that they had received information from him that could lead to more arrests.

    Stolen truck form by recovery vehicle company. Photo: Ask the Chief JMPD

    The suspect confessed to police that he was involved in a hijacking ring in Lyttleton.  He was arrested and detained at Alexandra Police Station for the possession of a hijacked motor vehicle and possession of police uniforms.

    Police found a suspect in possession of Metro police uniforms in Alexandra east bank. Photo: Ask the Chief JMPD.

    Upon new information, the Metro police K9 and first responder unit, Policing Order Policing were called in for backup. An investigation led them to Tembisa and the head of the truck hijacking ring was arrested. Six suspects were arrested in Kelvin after further investigations. The suspects were found offloading stolen goods from trucks.

    Stolen goods found in a truck have been retrieved. Photo: Ask the Chief JMPD.

    Goods recovered were TVs, police uniforms,  washing machines and refrigerators. The six suspects have been detained at Sandton Police Station for possession of stolen goods.