Turning recycled paper into business-Dina’s Pottery


By Sipho Ngobeni

Dina Molepo age 35 born in Limpopo in the village of Ga-Molepo, she is very much passionate about keeping the environment clean through recycling. In 2016 she started making a research on how she can turn recycled paper into a business; later in 2017 she started her own business after attending numerous training in pottery. Dina started with a week-long learnership at Diepsloot Skills centre with two strong women, one from Zimbabwe and the other one from Tanzania helping people to use their hands to fight poverty with arts and craft. Thereafter, she found passion and decided to pursue a career in pottery field.  Thus far she has identified an opportunity in recycling paper into creating pot plants and other creative items. She also believes in giving back to the community by transferring her skills to others. In 2018 she attended and completed a training with Wavunow, an initiative that assist in training and empowering other woman with tangible and usable skills. Dina together with Wavunow continue hosting 1 week training in different communities like Tembisa, Diepsloot, Olivenhoutbosch to name the few. Dina the CEO of Dina’s Potter Studio said “I encourage woman to start their own initiatives, and always be aware that the journey is not easy”

Ever since she has started her business, she has experienced a drastic growth as she is expanding her services to other provinces in South Africa. She is building an empire even though some of the residence in her community shows interest but less support to her pottery, yet there is an educational element and opportunities in recycling paper to an end product.

Dina gave thanks to Orange Corner Programme under Rhiza Babuyile for their support and making her business successful. For more details regarding the projects she is offering, contact her on 0722856341.