Tshwane pulls TRT buses out of Mamelodi


The City of Tshwane says it will enlist the help of police escorts to accompany Tshwane Rapid Transit (TRT) buses on the Mamelodi route.

This comes after community members in Mamelodi complained of overloading on the buses.

It is alleged community members in Mamelodi have also threatened to burn the buses if the matter is not resolved speedily.

Tshwane Transport MMC Sheila Senkubuge says the city has taken threats seriously and TRT buses have been pulled out of the area.

“We are going to get a police escort for the buses if it possible, if TMPD has the capacity to make sure out commuters and bus drivers are safe,” Senkubuge.

Senkubuge says TRT buses will not return back on the Mamelodi route until its safety can be guaranteed.