Trains running as per normal after Park Station vandalism



    Passenger rail agency Prasa  says the Johannesburg Park Station is now open after it was briefly shut down and trains delayed after it was vandalized by alleged former security guards.

    The alleged security guards are said to have targeted the station after their employment contracts were not renewed.

    Prasa has declined to comment on who the suspects are.

    Spokesperson Nana Zenani says security has been beefed up and the incident is being investigated.

    Zenani says, “We had an incident, where some criminals gained access to our station, Park Station and proceeded to break a few windows of some of our tenant’s shops, they also proceeded to break the glass gate that allows one to go into the platform. They stoned one of our trains… however all of that has fortunately been cleared.”

    Prasa says trains this morning are operating as per normal.

    Source: sabcnews