Too fat to eat? Should restaurants deny serving people who are obese?


Obesity is a problem around the world and even more of an issue here in South Africa.

According to Health24, the South African Demographic and Health Survey found that almost 70% of South African women are overweight or obese and the number is 13% for that of South African children.

While there have been a rise in the park runs, gyms, diets, and fitness programs, is that enough to combat the issue of obesity in South Africa?

While fast food restaurants are there to serve customers’ quick hunger needs, we all know that it isn’t the best for you. In addition to the convenience of it all, fast food is an attractive option because it’s inexpensive – as it is usually filled with really cheap ingredients which include fats, loads of sugar, and high-fat meats, Young Men’s Health site reported.

My producer, Zama, who happened to find herself at a popular fast food restaurant, had an epiphany while noticing an obese person being served.

Can you imagine a person being turned away from a fast food outlet due to their size? Oh, the scandal!

I don’t think it’s anyone else’s responsibility to dictate what can and can’t be consumed. It is a warm thought, however, to imagine a world where everyone was concerned with the well-being of others. It would also be great to witness a world where people have your best interests at heart as opposed to making money out of you.