THE izinyoka cables hang so low over the road that trucks regularly break them.

This has made residents of Marikana in Tswaing, Tshwane, furious.

They have now declared their kasi a no-go area for trucks.

Residents said they will chase away trucks because they can’t live without electricity.

A resident said: “We rely on izinyoka to cook and keep warm.

“We want to have electricity. We want to watch our favourite soapies, just like other people in Mzansi.

“We don’t want trucks coming here. We came to an agreement with them. It’s working.”

Residents have even banned bread delivery trucks from entering the area, forcing shop owners to collect bread from the main road.

Business owners don’t have a problem with the arrangement.

Jan Ndlela, who runs a tuck shop, said: “We also want electricity for our businesses.”

Jan said among the things he sold were cold drinks and chicken pieces.

He said he had a big fridge and needed it to be on at all times to keep his stock fresh.

“I’m unemployed.

“Through this small business of mine I’m able to support my children.”

Khulu Phasiwe of Eskom said they will send technicians to remove illegal cables as they pose a danger to residents.