These latest Twitter challenges have us laughing #Januworry away!


Twitter is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to challenges and we are here for it. From the #MampintshaChallenge to the post-SAMAs, Ricky Rick inspired fashion that flooded our social media feeds, nothing makes us forget the dreariness of our daily lives like a good online, communal laugh.

With so many challenges over the years, we know 2019 will not disappoint us either. But for now, let us indulge in some of the most recent ones that have us in stitches.

The Ex vs Current

This year has started with a blast in terms of challenges and the #exvscurrent is right up there with some of the wildest!

This challenge is about showing a picture of your ex-partner next to that of your current one. Simple it might be, but dangerous territory it definitely is. That’s because you just might unknowingly find yourself in the ex category.

The 10-year Challenge

Maybe you have flourished in the past decade, but anyone who has recently met you will not be privy to this very important information.

Fear not, because the internet is here for you. This challenge allows you to show a standard definition picture of yourself from ten years ago while you bask in all the glory of your current HD glow.

Birdbox Challenge

It seems people didn’t learn from the KiKi challenge, because when Birdbox took over the small screens, the world pulled a Barney Stinson and declared “challenge accepted”.

So, how does this one work? Well, again very simply, you cover your eyes and continue living your life. The only thing is, there is nothing simple about doing daily activities while blindfolded. In fact, don’t do it.

Idibala Challenge

And finally, the craze that took over South Africa during the festive season. If you do not know what the #Idibalachallenge is, then you definitely were not dezembering right.

Nonetheless, the challenge involves listening to King Monada’s hit song, Idibala (of course), and then proceeding to throw yourself to the ground whenever you hear the word “idibala”.

If that sounds stupid to you, that’s because it is a stupid thing to do, while also potentially dangerous.