The struggles of musicians/artists under the lockdown


With over a month that South Africa has under into the lockdown, this has seen most people losing their income and having to learn to live under a lot of uncertainties as the Country battles to flatten the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Township News got to speak to ThembiNkosi AKA Tweelite Webster, a musician based in Cosmo City Extension 09 about how is finding life under the lockdown as an upcoming musician.  He said “life is currently difficult for him as a musician, because he is not getting any income as most places such as Pubs, Bars are closed and he is not being booked for Gigs, as it was one of his biggest revenue streams”.

He continued that these are interesting times also, as he has currently started doing online gigs and online recordings as a way to survive through this lockdown.

He further went to say that, he urges other musicians/artists as well to not only look at the bad side of this pandemic, but also use this as an opportunity to improve more on their works and also find ways of having multiple revenue streams, instead of focusing on one thing.

In conclusion “I would like to say to my fellow musicians do not give up on your dreams and careers, God will intervene and we will be back on track with full force soon”.

To know more about Tweelite Webster and his music, you can check him out on all social media platforms under the name tweelite Webster.