The importance of Mental Health


Writes, Siphiwe Tsheu

Mental Health is one of the major issues faced by a vast majority of the people in our country, both young and old which in turn affects their personality and their future.

The Launch of the Social Cohesion Master’s League aimed to give more young soccer players the opportunity to enhance their skills and contribute to changing their societies for the better. The platform will also give the young players the opportunity to counter inferiority complex challenges, personal challenges and through personal development and empowerment that will inspire them to be solid young adults.

The event was categorized by the attendance of distinguished personalities like Moss Makwati and representatives from the motor industry Ombudsman of South Africa and other various sectors.

Phindile Sibisi the CEO of NNN Wellness and Consulting Services joined forces to promote the joint vision and to advise on the importance of mental health. “Mental health is one of the challenges and stigmas faced by the communities today. As leaders and active citizens in the community, we need to recognize the importance of being mentally healthy. At NNN Wellness and Consulting Services we believe that a healthy mind is a healthy body, and healthy communities members constitute a healthy society’’

Mental health is the main prerequisite for a healthy life, the individual whether businessmen or professionals or just community members need to know how to stay healthy and the facilities that are available for them if they need help dealing with mental health problems.

Through this program, the aim is to derive a general of not just players but also important role players who will be leaders in the spheres and in other various capacities.