The great initiative to Save a Life campaign

writes, Siphiwe Tsheu

CTB Int’l Sports in commemoration of the Annual 11th Presidential Confederation Cup hosted a joint Project the ‘Save A Life Campaign’ under the theme “Save Life Health Initiative”. This year’s version of the Annual 11th PCC was unique as CTB Sports helped the “Save Life Health Initiative” to officially launch its ‘’Save a Life Campaign’’ in partnership with the South African National Blood Services (SANBS), Volunteer Medical Corps (VMC) and The Pollination Project.

The goal of the campaign was to support the SANBS’s mandate of increasing the number of active blood donors in South Africa. According to the SANBS “Less than 1% of South Africans are active blood donors. A unit of blood lasts 42 hours, and for this reason, it is important for blood donors to donate blood regularly”.

To aid this vision and as well as achieve CTB’s vision of saving a life, The first phase of the project was launched which was characterized by unique sporting activities such as the Ladies Soccer tournament, the Boys’ soccer tournament & a Netball tournament. The tournament comprised teams from different communities such as Soweto, Joburg Central, Diepsloot, Riverside, Randburg, and Cosmo City.

All teams converged at Curro Academy Riverside School at Riverside View in solidarity to save Lives. This gesture was also characterized by the conduction of a few blood transfusions by the SANBS.

Through this campaign, the CTB and the SANBS were able to accomplish their joint vision as they witnessed an increased number of blood donors both from the community as well as from the clubs.

The Campaign hasn’t stopped and is currently ongoing with activities happening in different phases.  Teams that have advanced to the Semi-Finals of the competition in all 3 categories are gearing up for the Final Phases of this Hybrid Project at a later date. Official Communication and Directives of the Final Phase will be communicated in due course.

CTB Would like to especially thank The Pollination Project for their generous support of this ‘Save A Life Campaign’ launch. 

‘’Through the campaign, we have also seen immense participation from the Principal, SGB Members, Teachers and Staff of Curro Academy Riverside who showed the great support and allowing the Organization to use their facilities to host this Project.’’