The City of Joburg is looking to end sewer blockages

    JOBURG – The City is planning to upgrade the ageing infrastructure to put an end to sewer blockages.


    Johannesburg Water is planning to replace 3.7km of sewer pipe which is part of their strategic Pipe Replacement Plan to repair and replace the ageing infrastructure. 

    MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Services, councillor Nico de Jager said the pipe will be replaced through an open trench and pipe cracking installation projects by the end of December this year. The City is working on replacing the water and sewer networks across the city, set to cost R2.8 billion

    He said, “The upgrades will include the use of 160mm and 200mm diameter uPVC. HDPE pipes (a type of flexible plastic pipe), will be installed using the open trench and pipe cracking methods of installation at a cost of just over R9 million.”

    Part of the budget, R415 million for water and R435 million for sewerage, will be used to meet their pipe renewal target of replacing 1.5 per cent of its asset value per year.

    “To meet this demand going forward, Johannesburg Water plans on investing more in the pipe replacement programmes,” the MMC added.He said under his leadership they have been able to replace 191km and 99km of water and sewer network respectively.

    The MMC urged residents to take care of the sewer infrastructure by not flushing or inserting foreign objects into the sewerage network.

    Source: Sandton Chronicle