The 2018 LEAP Matric Breakfast


The  Leap 4 Matric Breakfast is an annual function that is held by the school to celebrate and motivate the young people that are about to face their final NSC Examinations.

The Attendees of the event are sponsors, guests, parents, teachers and the special guests ( Matriculant) getting together and sharing the great moments they have had also the great food prepared by someone from the community.

 said the Head of school James Malope. The Leap Science and Maths School expect excellence particularly in mathematics Science and English and so guide young people towards a successful future.

Leap’s holistic approach includes engaging with the broader community and developing partnerships and collaboration that add value. Every Leap school is partnered with a more privileged school as well as township schools in the community the school serves.

This Three-way collaboration makes for stronger, better-equipped school and the opportunity to share excellence in all spheres. Furthermore Leap shares its stories and model to create a new voice in youth leadership, providing its impact so that it can grow to reach more young people.