Temperature will drop and severe thunderstorms are expected due to Cold Front


    First snowfall of the new season possible will hit many provinces on Friday over the high peaks of the Drakensberg due to a powerful incoming cold front

    Temperatures are set to drop in Johannesburg and across the country as a cold front is expected to lower temperatures and bring heavy rainfall.

    Heavy rainfall and severe thunderstorms are predicted in many parts of Gauteng on 5 April.

    Driving on a wet road or in rainy weather can be a daunting task for many motorists.

    Wet roads and little visibility are a bad combination and roads become slippery during rainy weather due to oil on the road surface mixed with water.

    Arrive Alive has provided some tips for drivers who may find themselves driving in the rain:

    • Increase the three-second rule to five to six seconds to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.
    • If it is raining and the roads are wet, slow down. Let your speed drop gradually.
    • Never use the brakes suddenly as this can cause the car to skid.
    • If you find that an oncoming vehicle is overtaking from the opposite direction and is not likely to do it safely, slow down and be prepared to move to the left shoulder lane if necessary.
    • Only move towards the shoulder lane if you are able to clearly see 150m ahead of you. Keep in mind that pedestrians may be walking on the shoulder lane to avoid the mud next to the surface of the road.
    • Beware of oil patches. Don’t panic, do not jam on your brakes, just steer through. In most cases, the patches will be small.
    • Always change to a lower gear before you take a bend, especially a sharp bend. Your speed should be at its slowest as you enter the bend and both your hands should be on the steering wheel. This slow in/fast out technique gives you most control when driving around a bend.
    • Doubling your normal following distance from three seconds to six seconds.
    • Turn on your headlights.
    • Be careful of other vehicles behind you and in blind spots as they are especially difficult to see through rain-spattered windows.
    • Use your low-beam headlights to see and be seen. Wait a short time after the rain begins before using your windshield wipers because the blades may smear.
    • Be extra careful during the first half hour after rain begins. Grime and oil on the road surface mix with water and make the road slippery.