Teen-suicide prevention week in the spotlight from 11–18 February

    Female teenager sitting at table with head in hands

    From Facebook Friday online chats to online content, Sadag aims to prevent teenage suicides.

    The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (Sadag) has once again put the spotlight on teen suicide, with a prevention week campaign running from 11 to 18 February. 

    During the prevention week, Sadag will be raising awareness through school talks, online content, Facebook Friday online chats, and much more.

    The awareness programme aims to encourage teens to come forward, talk about their issues and inform them of where to go to get help in their communities, including contacting the suicide call centre.

    Sadag has a number of skilled counsellors to encourage teens to get professional help, talk to a friend or teacher.

    There is a wide range of brochures and pamphlets which will be distributed throughout schools to educate students on teen-suicide prevention and encourages them to look out for warning signs among friends and family members too.

    To find out more on what is happening on teen-suicide prevention week, visit http://www.sadag.org/