Teen impregnates three fellow schoolmates

October 17 2018 Some of the pregnant pupils at Mukhwantheli Secondary Schoool in Dididi village outside Thohoyandou continue to attend lessons despite the fact that they are due for delivery. The school has been rocked by a scandal of teenage pregnancies after it was discovered that 31 of the pupils had fallen pregnant at the school, 20 of whom had already given birth this year alone.

Police have been deployed to a Limpopo school where at least 31 pupils have fallen pregnant, three of them by the same boy.

The officers, according to Mukhwantheli Secondary School principal Mashudu Maboho, had been summoned to conduct random searches for illegal substances.

The school in Dididi village outside Thohoyandou made headlines this week after the provincial department of health revealed the shocking number of pupils who had fallen pregnant.

The school faces many problems including a high number of pregnancies and pupils involved in illegal activities.