Take a run and support animals in need

Fourways resident Tony Nicholson loves exercising in the walk park. Photo: Supplied

CHARTWELL – The walk park offers a safe, tranquil space for community members to enjoy nature with their dogs.

Ark Animal Centre is excited to launch a new walk park, providing a safe, stress-free environment to exercise and relax with your furry friends from 18 July.

Ark Animal Shelter, which rescued and rehomed over 10 000 dogs over nine years, closed its doors in May, causing much devastation among community members who loved visiting the centre for self-development and time with animals.

Ark founder Tracy Otto said, “A walk park was always on our wish list. We made a running track for the MyRun events held here every Sunday, which has been well-used. Due to time and financial restrictions, this was as far as we got.”

When the shelter closed its doors, Otto thought of developing a safe environment where people could relax, socialise with others or have time alone, bring their dogs and spend time in nature without it costing a fortune.

Otto added that Ark also employed staff who would be left without an income if a new venture was not embarked upon. The park will be open every day from sunrise to sunset for walking. Visitors can also enjoy some coffee at their coffee shop and browse the charity store in aid of Woodrock Animal Rescue.

There will also be a 2.5km walking/running trail, braai and picnic facilities, a dog agility course, a dam for dogs to swim in and a large fenced-in area for unsociable dogs to run free.

They also hope to start a party venue for children. Activities will include a bike track, fairy garden, toddler sensory area, a kids-sized interaction town, interactive sand pit, miniature horse town and more.

Entrance fees will be R20 per adult, R10 per child under 12 and dogs enter free.

All Ark and Woodrock Animal Rescue dogs will visit the facility on Mandela Day and community members are invited to join with their dogs.”Essentially, Ark is and always will stand for animal welfare. The park will see the flip side of rescue.

“We will witness and welcome loved, happily homed, spoilt dogs having a blast at our park.”

The Mandela Day launch event is set to be spread over two days – 18 and 19 July – in order to comply with Covid-19 lockdown regulations. Community members can purchase tickets from Woodrock via Quicket. Residents can choose a specific time to attend and spend 67 minutes in the park. “We would love the community to support this joint initiative between two shelters.”

By: Sarah Koning

Source: https://fourwaysreview.co.za/355512/take-a-run-and-support-animals-in-need/