Mshoza ‘received the calling’ – and accepted it!


Mshoza is the latest celebrity to open up about receiving the calling to become a ‘thwasa’ (sangoma), although she admits that it took her by surprise

Within many South African ethnicities exists a concept known as ‘ubizo‘ which is translated as ‘the calling’. When one receives the ‘calling’ (by their ancestors) to become a sangoma or traditional healer, signs appear in their life – usually in the form of troubles or immovable obstacles. It is said that if you ignore the signs, the troubles increase.

One can certainly describe some of the events in Mshoza’s life this year as “troubled”

She has dealt with everything from a cheating husband, to being accused of cheating by said husband, to the humiliating and traumatic abuse suffered at his hands. At one stage, Mshoza was said to be in a safe house, having fled for her safety and fearing for her life.

While we’re never sure what really goes on behind the scenes in someone’s life, it certainly looks as if Mshoza has been battling with a number of forces. While we can’t prove that the two are connected, it was interesting to discover that the singer had just accepted her calling to become a sangoma.

She did not believe in traditional healing at first but has come to accept it as her fate. She added that she still believes in the Christian god: It certainly sounds like a life-changing journey.