Stealing from charity you’re being given boggles the mind

    29 July 2015.More than 200 residents from Ndancama, Polar Park and Ekutheni will this year finally receive RDP houses. The houses are situated in Woolwash Road, just outside Scenery Park

    The mind boggles. The lengths some people will go to pilfer baffles.

    My younger brother has just been sub-contracted to build a dozen low-cost houses, or RDPs, as they are commonly referred to.

    This was a big deal for him and he had to move mountains to raise the capital to buy the building material.

    As a new player, the banks wouldn’t advance him the credit and the hardware stores wanted the cash upfront. The main contractor would only pay upon the delivery of the 12 units.

    After sleepless nights, calls and meetings, he finally managed to raise the capital and he hired the labour and purchased the building material.

    The beneficiaries of the RDP houses were informed to make way for the construction and most chose to squeeze a shack at the back of the yard.

    The building material was delivered at all the sites and the owners were informed when the building would start.

    The following day, when my brother brought the builders at one of the sites, the material had developed legs. The bags of cement and pallets of bricks had gone with the wind.

    The owner, who stayed with his family in a shanty on the property, said no one had heard or seen anything. Everyone seemed mystified. No dog had barked and the neighbours hadn’t heard anything.

    It was clear, however, that the goods couldn’t have been moved on foot. The thieves must have had transport and they must have had the manpower to load it on board.