Shoprite Group donates surplus food worth R53 million to community centres

    327 organisations have received surplus food donations from Shoprite and Checkers supermarkets. Photo: Supplied

    ALEXANDRA – To help combat the scourge of hunger in communities especially during this time of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, the Shoprite Group donates surplus food to NPOs.

    Since the start of the national lockdown, the Shoprite Group has donated more than R53 million in surplus food.

    This is more than R300 000 per day for the past 185 days to various organisations including those in Alexandra, that are tasked with feeding the hungry.

    According to the Shoprite Group, South Africa faces a mass hunger crisis brought on by Covid-19. To help fight the scourge of hunger and poverty, the group has worked hard to increase food security for the country’s most vulnerable.

    It actively vets grassroots beneficiary organisations around the country, including old age homes and orphanages, and then builds direct relationships between them and nearby stores. “Since the start of lockdown, 327 organisations have received surplus food donations from Shoprite and Checkers supermarkets, which include fresh fruit, vegetables, and general groceries,” said the group’s CSI manager, Lunga Schoeman.  

    Sophy Mongake, CEO of non-profit organization, Abangani Enkosini in Alex, extended her gratitude to the Shoprite Group. “We have been receiving surplus food from Shoprite for two months now and I can confidently say a total of 280 beneficiaries have benefitted from the programme,” she said.  “What I like most about it is that it is not only food that we receive, sometimes they do send through extra clothes or furniture and other utilities that are in good condition.”

    Given the national hunger crisis, Shoprite decided to increase its fleet of Mobile Soup Kitchens from 19 to 26. By mid-September, the Shoprite Mobile Soup Kitchens had served more than 2 million since the start of lockdown. These meals, which include soup and bread, have supported 2 613 organisations.

    In partnership with its customers, the group also raises money via its Act For Change Fund till-point donation facility. Since March 2020, customers have donated more than R2 million to the Act For Change Fund, and Shoprite contributed a further R2 million. By taking hands with its customers, the group has raised more than R4 million in six months via this fund.

    “The looming hunger crisis is greatly concerning, and we will continue to work hard to share surplus food and to ensure that those most in need in South Africa can access healthy and nutritious meals,” he concluded.

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