Severe storm approaching western parts of Gauteng


    Residents can expect a repeat of what happened in the south of Johannesburg and the East Rand.

    The whole of Gauteng panicked late yesterday afternoon after sever storms hit the south of Johannesburg, as well as the East Rand.

    This is unfortunately not over, as another storm is heading to the western parts of Gauteng.

    The South African Weather Service has issued a warning for extreme weather expected for today and Friday. Heavy rain, flooding, severe wind and hail are expected to hit the whole of Gauteng during this period

    Driving before, during and after a storm can be extremely hazardous. Remember – just as you are trying to avoid a storm, so is every other driver. Strong winds can push vehicles off the road and blow debris such as branches, rubbish, trees and even power lines onto the road.

    Hail is probably the most dangerous aspect of driving in a storm. People are advised to stay in their car as hail can cause severe injuries. Lie down in your car, if possible, and keep your back to the windows.

    Source: Midrand reporter