Scouts soup up Alex residents with Jars of Hope.

    1st Alexandra Scout Group members pose for a photo with community members. Photo: Supplied

    ALEX – 1st Alexandra Scout Group goes out of its way to help their struggling community members.

    Some community members of Alexandra were recently treated to some delicious relief in the form of soup to ward off hunger.

    Many residents have been hard hit by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic through the loss of income as a result of the strict lockdown regulations.

    Anna Ndhlovu, a former teacher, is the leader for the 1st Alexandra Scout Group.

    On 8 August, the group distributed Jars of Hope soup packs among the community of Alexandra supported by Doug Rix, the group Scout leader of 1st Halfway House Cub and Scout Group.

    lso in attendance was DeWaal Fourie, the Northern District Commissioner of the Scouts.

    The Jars of Hope soup packs were donated and packed by various families of other Cub and Scout groups that also form the Northern District which includes the 1st Alexandra Scout Group.

    This was to honour the legacy of former President Nelson Mandela and the Scout promise to help those who are in need.

    Some of the members of the 1st Alexandra Scout Group mix with Alex community members just before serving the soup. Photo: Supplied

    By: Sipho Siso