Sandton SPCA visit Alexandra

Inspector Warren Siziba and Inspector Xolane Mncube make sure this kitty is in good health.

ALEX – The team handed out food to animals as well as conducted door-to-door animal welfare inspections.

Sandton SPCA’s mandate is the protection of animal welfare.

This was clear, despite the Covid-19 lockdown when the inspectorate team (as essential services) visited the Stjwetla area as well as greater Alexandra last week.

The team handed out food to animals as well as conducted door-to-door animal welfare inspections.

The team expressed how heart-warming it was to see, that even though we are in the middle of a crisis, people are concerned about the welfare of their animals. While driving through the dusty roads, residents approached the team freely.

They discussed how they loved their animals but desperately needed food for them.”Our inspectors were welcomed into the homes of the residents where they were proudly introduced to the furry residents,” said general manager Ralph Hohls.

There were concerns at some of the homes and the inspectors did hand out warnings which are being followed up. All inspections were carried out using the recommended measures to ensure the safety and health of the residents, the staff and animals.

Hohls commented, “One man in Silvertown, Stjwetla approached me, asking if we had contacts in Eskom as they had no power. Yet still they cared for their animals.”

Senior Inspector Stephen Maila noted he is incredibly proud of his team who during this crisis, have not once halted their work at the forefront of animal rescue.

In addition, the SPCA made a list of animals that will be sterilised for free at their clinic.

The support from the public for their Mother’s Day campaign has made this possible.”We ask that members of the pubic who would like to make donations towards our outreach efforts please do so,” said Hohls.

The more animals sterilised, the greater the reduction in unwanted animals.

Details: Sandton SPCA, 011 444 7730.


By: Ashtyn Mackenzie