Sandton Rotary Club continues work in Alex


    SANDTON – The Rotary Club continues donations to the Itlhokomoleng Association for Aged and Disabled people in Alexandra.

    The Sandton Rotary Club has donated an abundance of bed sheets, blankets, pillows and slippers to the Itlhokomoleng Association for Aged and Disabled people in Alexandra on 2 October. As part of the many initiatives and projects run by the club, Itlhokomoleng has remained close to the Rotarian heart.

    According to long-time Rotarian Graham Katzenellenbogen, the old age home itself was a project brought on by the club – to date, it remains to be one of the biggest projects Rotary had taken on. “We raised the money to build the old age home. Once it was built we handed it over and they completely run it on their own. We don’t want to run it,” he said.

    Katzenellenbogen added that because the project was so big for the club and its sponsors, donations have continued to come in for the old age home. Because the club has a policy against holding onto money that was raised or donated, the money is donated back into the home through the Alex Home Trust.

    With just over 100 people living at Itlhokomoleng today, it has become an integral part of the community. Founder and CEO of the home, Marjorie Manganye, has remained an active community figure. Nearing the age of 89, she has become known as the ‘Mother Theresa of Alex’, Katzenellenbogen said.

    Source: Sandton Chronicle