Saddlebrook Estate residents provide sanitiser for Diepsloot neighbours

    Katlego Thobejane and Barbara Carty package soap for distribution. Photo: Supplied

    DIEPSLOOT – Saddlebrook Estate residents raised R23 000 to purchase soap and sanitiser for Diepsloot residents.

    Saddlebrook Estate residents teamed up with the Witkoppen Clinic to help Diepsloot residents receive soap and sanitiser during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The initiative was started by Saddlebrook Estate resident Erica du Plessis who contacted community liaison coordinator Gloria Mashiane from the Witkoppen Clinic.

    Another Saddlebrook Estate resident who helped coordinate the initiative, Barbara Carty, said, “We wanted to assist those less fortunate to fight the Covid-19 virus. Soap and sanitiser are not always the first thing to purchase when you are struggling to make ends meet.”

    Oupa Nkomo, Fiona Mogono and Gloria Mashiane aid in collection and distribution of soap and sanitiser in Diepsloot. Photo: Supplied

    Saddlebrook Estate residents decided that instead of expecting struggling Diepsloot residents to purchase sanitiser over food, they would help provide the necessary hygiene products to ensure that the community could stay safe.

    Du Plessis received a wonderful response to the idea on the Saddlebrook Estate WhatsApp group, raising R23 000 for the cause.

    The Witkoppen Clinic went door to door distributing the soap and sanitiser as well as educating Diepsloot residents concerning the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Community members in Diepsloot gather to collect soap and sanitiser. Photo: Supplied

    “We will be teaming up in the future with Gloria and Witkoppen Clinic to support our greater community. Gloria has her ear to the ground and she will keep us updated on what the community requires as we relay this back to our Saddlebrook Estate residents,” said Carty.

    If you would like to assist or show your support for this initiative, contact or

    By: Sarah Koning