Sadag in desperate need of volunteers for suicide call centre


Sadag calls on the public to become volunteers for their suicide hotline.

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (Sadag) has called on members of the public in Johannesburg to become volunteers for their suicide hotline. 

According to the Sadag call centre, they receive more than 600 calls a day, hundreds of emails, SMS, Facebook and Twitter posts, dealing with mental health issues.

Their call centres also run the country’s only suicide helpline. As a result of the increase in calls on a daily basis, they need more telephonic counsellor volunteers.

Metal health includes depression, bipolar, substance abuse, anxiety, panic, and suicidal thoughts, all of which their counsellors are trained to help the person in need.

New volunteers will attend training workshops which will take place on 23 February and 2 March this year.

The training also includes on-site training sessions in the call centre while working together with senior counsellors. The stigma surrounding mental health is slowly dissipating – previously it prevented people from asking for help.


For more details contact Michelle/Tracy on 011 234 4837.