SA lockdown: Baby, toddler products allowed to be sold


    JOHANNESBURG – Government has clarified that products for the care of babies and toddlers are allowed to be sold during the lockdown.

    These include baby clothes, blankets, towels and other essential accessories for newborns, infants and toddlers up to 36 months.

    This follows a court case brought by two NGOs, the Tebeila Institute of Leadership, Education, Governance and Training – and the African Institute for Human Rights and Constitutional Litigation.

    Buhle and Thando Kubheka-Madulini are newly-weds, with their first child on the way.

    But with the baby coming in about two months’ time – they’re worried they haven’t got everything they need.

    Especially if the lockdown is extended.

    “We are not as prepared as we would like to be because we have been affected by the lockdown. We just bought some of the baby clothes but we haven’t started the essential stuff like you cot and baby seat because the shops are closed. We really need more essential stuff as soon as possible,” said Thando.

    But they are more worried about those who already have their little ones.

    “We are expecting, we don’t have the child here yet so we have a bit of time. I wonder what people who are giving birth today or tomorrow are doing. Even for us, we are not prepared enough. We need shops to open so that by the time baby arrives – we are able to cater for all their needs,” added Buhle.

    Many stores selling baby clothes are closed – and those that are open – are not allowing parents to buy baby clothes and other essentials.

    It says these retailers have agreed to sell baby products at prices to simply cover the basic cost of production and distribution for the period of the lockdown.

    Government says hospitals and clinics are also allowed to buy these products directly for the infants in their care.