Residents encouraged to comment on housing policies


    Residents of the City of Johannesburg and other stakeholders are invited to make submission to the Housing Department before 15 November 2019.

    Member of the Mayoral Committee for Housing, Councillor Meshack van Wyk, said the Housing Department has in the last month been consulting the public on three housing-related policies that have been developed.

    “The City of Joburg’s Housing Department now therefore invites the public and all stakeholders to give input on three policies that have been released for public comment,” said MMC Van Wyk.

    The Temporal Emergency Provision Policy (TEAP), which defines the process the victims of an emergency should follow, from the point of emergency to the alternative accommodation provided, the obligations of the City in an emergency and qualification conditions, had been developed.

    This also include the Site and Service Policy, which addresses the provision of serviced sites to individuals who would prefer to build their own house than wait for their house from government, has also been released for public comment. It defines the qualification criteria and the meaning of the choice for an individual who chooses this way and categories of people that may qualify.

    The Allocations policy reviews and refocuses the existing allocation process of the City of Joburg from a ward based allocation policy to a first come first served allocation basis.Residents can access the policies from the Housing Department’s regional offices or on the City of Joburg website

    Comments are to be submitted to the Housing Department at

    The deadline for submissions is Friday, 15 November 2019.


    Issued by the City of Johannesburg