Reportback to the Community of Diepsloot Ward 113


    Good Evening, This report aimed at informing Diepsloot Ward 113 Residents regarding issues related to Service Delivery

    1. 10 Permanent General workers plus a Team leader

    Last year a post circulated around Diepsloot and all over Joburg indicating that each an every Ward in the City of Joburg must have 10 Permanent General workers and a Team Leader. Thousands of Diepsloot residents applied for the two posts

    Early this year around April and May, the City of Joburg appoint Directors / Deputy Directors and Regional Supervisors. Our Region A our Supervisor is Mr Maringa. A new Department has been formed last year that will be responsible for all 10-10 General workers across Joburg Municipality called : CRUM

    The Crum Department will work with our 10 General Workers to do any job which is done by all our entities in Joburg

    The HR Department all ready started to deal with the selection processes for the 10 Permanent General Workers and a Team Leader. At anytime before the end of September or the beginning of October they will resume working

    1. TRU : Temporary Housing at Diepsloot East

    The only thing that was delaying the project was for the Engineers to mark the stands areas and demarcate the access roads for the area. That job already started. Surveyors are on site . The 07 main contractors are also at the same time finalizing the issue of Plant Hire ( Wet rate vs Dry rate )

    1. Proof of Residents

    Since the Lockdown , all Cllrs offices are closed. And Councillors are working from home with no stationary. Offices are not yet open. On the other hand residents are continuing going to the office and home seeking proof of residence

    • Due to lack of Stationary and printing equipments: Proof of Residents will only be issued on Monday and Wednes only. MPCC Hall Extension 07 next to Ext 07 Clinic at the Security Point is where Proof of Residents will be issued by Security Personel on site
    1. Electricity

    Today Eskom officials arrested for corruption at Ext 07. The detail report given during the day

    Is a Warning to those Extensions that have already contributed R1500 and R1000 awaiting for their bought Transformers to arrived. Pls take back your money and feed your family. Is know by Eskom Management and a trap is there to apprehend Eskom officials who will be installing those Transformers where resident contributed in the name of buying a Transformer
    Eskom is requesting residents to cooperate and fill the Payment Arrangement Forms on time so that they get electricity on time


    • JRA Ext 11 to kick start officially in November
    • JDA two projects that affect Ward 113 to start officially in November
    • R511 ( K46 ) to kickstart officially in November
    • installation of 05 Different Network tours to kick start in November
    • the building of a private clinic to start in November
    • the building of Tanganani Government school : will be announced officially soon
    • the building of Engine Petrol Station : to start at anytime from now

    More information will follow in due course

    Cllr TA Mabuke
    Diepsloot Ward 113
    Tell: 011 464 5100
    Cell no : 078 5868985/081 303 9444
    Mail :