Regular water outages frustrate Fourways residents

    Mark van der Merwe, DA Fourways Constituency chairman, at one of the five holes dug up on Tarentaal Lane in Fourways to fix burst pipes. Photo: Khomotso Makgabutlane

    FOURWAYS – Aging infrastructure and old, brittle asbestos piping is the cause of the regular pipe bursts.

    Fourways residents are angered by the large number of burst pipes and water outages that have been experienced over the past few weeks.

    Resident Rob Delahunt said the Fourways area had experienced more than 20 burst pipes in a matter of weeks, proving to be not only a major inconvenience for residents but also a health hazard during Covid-19.

    “No sooner has one pipe been repaired, then there is another pipe burst somewhere else in the suburb… It has become a serious problem as we have had very little water during this period,” added Delahunt.

    Ward 115 councillor Matome Mafokwane sympathised with Delahunt’s frustration.

    “This is indeed the most frustrating time for all people residing and paying rates and taxes in the greater Fourways area,” said Mafokwane. “We have witnessed the unprecedented collapse of our underground infrastructure and I believe this is just the beginning as the worst is yet to come.”

    Mafokwane added that aging asbestos piping, which had passed its lifespan, was the cause of the trouble.

    “All repair work carried out is just a temporary fix and will last as long as the asbestos pipes can remain intact. Any slightest movement on those pipes triggers a new burst, hence all repairs are carried out very slowly and precisely.”
    Ward 94 councillor David Foley echoed Mafokwane’s sentiments, adding that this issue had also been brought to the attention of councillors in Ward 93 and 106.

    Foley said, “Budget allocation for Capex will need to be approved by Joburg Water management and the project to replace old pipes will need to be initiated.”

    Foley complimented the Joburg Water team for their continued commitment to restore water in the Fourways area.


    By: Sarah Koning and Khomotso Makgabutlane