RealHeroes Connect aims to protect South Africa’s economy through coronavirus education; helping to flatten the curve


    Johannesburg, May 2020: Talent Brand, a specialist in strategic talent acquisition, has joined forces with the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSeta) to establish RealHeroes Connect; a platform dedicated to preventing the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus through edutainment, thereby protecting the economy while it is at its most vulnerable.

    RealHeroes Connect got its start when Talent Brand’s Jo Watt received a discretionary grant from the HWSeta. “These grants were issued to companies which could play a role in educating essential workers about the coronavirus, including how individuals could protect themselves against infection and help flatten the curve,” Watt explains.

    Her approach to educating as many essential workers as possible hinged on producing a series of nine short animated videos, available in English, Afrikaans, isiZulu and Setswana and available across multiple platforms, about topics such as physical distancing, when to self-isolate, safely travelling to work and how and when to get tested. The videos were produced in conjunction with TTRO and Mobitainment.

    These short, animated videos are available in both static and interactive format. The former enables employers to broadcast the videos at plants, canteens and in training rooms. Meanwhile, the mobile interactive videos developed by Mobitainment can be watched on employees’ phones. By SMSing a short code, employees will obtain a link which they can click on to watch the video whenever they are ready, without incurring data costs.

    Watt points out that the considered design of the videos ensures their effectiveness. Use of visuals and voiceovers helps to transcend communication barriers, while content has been compiled in consultation with key players across industries to ensure that it is relevant and helpful. Finally, these videos contain questions and answers and other mechanisms to test users’ understanding of the content and ensure effectiveness.

    As an incentive to watch and share the content, users who finish watching can enter into a daily draw to earn a share of R3 000 worth of airtime.

    The project has evolved significantly since inception, Watt continues: with the gradual lifting of lockdown, the need is to educate all employees, and not just those in essential services.Added to this, RealHeroes Connect ( has made it possible for employers to download a free comprehensive communication toolbox, in addition to the educational videos.

    Says Watt,” We’re facing a harsh economic reality. The production capacity of factories has already been undermined because of physical distancing requirements, which obviously has a significant impact on companies’ turnover. This becomes even more drastic if factories and plants are forced to close because of COVID-19 outbreaks, which have already affected a number of facilities worldwide.

    “There are so many facets to the coronavirus crisis. As the pandemic has progressed, it has become clear that our duty to protect the health of our people is matched by our duty to protect jobs so that we limit the harm done to the economy. RealHeroes Connect is an initiative which aims to do both, by ensuring that the vital members of all industry sectors remain healthy. And when they’re healthy, their employers’ companies remain healthy, too,” Watt concludes.

    You too can be a hero and play your part to help Flatten the Curve of COVID-19: SMS HERO or your company’s name to 30864 at no charge to receive the link on your phone or click to watch the video (at no charge for mobile data) and stand a chance to earn your share of R3 000 in daily airtime.

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