#powercouples dish the tea on how to stay in love


The inhabitants of Celebville are not exactly known for being lucky in love, what with some of our favs seeming to be constantly hopping from one love interest to the next. However, many a pair in Mzansi’s spotlight is #couplegoals.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we gathered relationship advice celebrity couples have dished out about the unique spice that keeps their relationships cooking, even after many years together.

Maybe you too can join the online ranks of #couplegoals by February 14 with these celebrity-approved tips.

Nandi and Zakes Madida

Talking to TshisaLive, ZakesMadida said it was love at first sight when he met Nandi at a South African Music Awards nominations party. And although they are more open these days, they are adamant that keeping their relationship private as much as possible is important.

“Make sure your relationship is between you and the person you love. No one has power over it; no one has a say over it,” Nandi said in a Metro FM interview.

Zam and Khensani Nkosi

The story of how this beautiful couple met has been told and retold in various interviews over the years. A mutual friend introduced them when Zam saw Khensani acting in a play at The Market Theatre in Newtown. After the play, they went on to talk into the wee hours. Zam and Khensani, who value their privacy, had not divulged much more than that about their 23-year relationship.

But the couple, who graces the cover of the love issue of Bona, have decided to open the curtain a little and one thing is clear – they have great respect for each other as individuals.

“I’m enjoying growing older together and there is nothing that I would change about her,” Zam told the magazine. Swoon…

Connie and Shona Ferguson

They are the #PowerCouple behind such TV hits as RockvilleIgazi and the ever trending The Queen, produced by their company Ferguson Films. Watching them star in the same show, you would sometimes think they were sworn enemies but, of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth. A quick trawl of their social media accounts reveals their deep affection for each other.

But how do they sustain their relationship while being business partners and colleagues on set?

“Business is a relationship,” explained Connie in an interview with Destiny magazine. “So, respect plays a big role in accommodating each other’s views. We are both mature enough to admit when one is wrong.”

And it doesn’t hurt that they are the best of friends, who love working together, she added.

Thabo ‘Tbose’ and Mapaseka Mokwele

These two got married, got divorced and then remarried, showing us if it is meant to be, then it’s simply meant to be.

During an interview with Anele Mdoda on Real Talk with Anele, Tbose said not only are they best friends but Mapaseka is also his biggest fan and supports him more than anyone else in his endeavours.

The Mokweles, who give relationship advice during their YU4ME couple seminars, also spoke about the importance of communication.

Ricky Rick and Bianca Naidoo

Watching the Stay Shining video, it is hard to believe this couple and their children are not a fictional family concocted for the perfect world of music videos. The couple also works together, with Bianca managing Ricky’s career. Yet, in an interview with Sowetan magazine, the Amantombazane hitmaker emphasised that relationships of any nature are difficult and no one can give Holy Grail advice.

“I think we are all just figuring it out. But when you find someone that you want to be with forever, you find a way to make it work. There is no book that could teach you that and there is no advice I could give you.” We might not agree with that last bit, because it’s all great advice, actually.