Possible jail time for South Africans lying on CVs


    Lying on a CV is something that most companies come across all the time. It might not be completely all lies but some skills may be slightly exaggerated. This, however, does not mean that some people do not fabricate skills that may be extreme. In such cases, some companies have been affected severely and suffered great losses. 

    This has lead to some companies undertaking strict background checks to protect themselves against those lying on their CVs. The South African government is hard at work trying to strengthen the passing of a law that would mean a harsher punishment for those who lie on their CVs.

    This will be achieved through adjustments to the existing legislation on The National Qualifications Amendment Bill. The adjustments would state clearly that the registered qualifications of each citizen in South Africa will be monitored by The South African Qualification Association (SAQA).

    Managing director of D&K Management Consultants, Kyle Condon explained, “These adjustments are just what we need to lessen the instances of dishonesty on applications. The truth is, we can’t always be sure why these lies are being added to CVs, in extreme cases these may even be criminals that have been dishonest on their CVs to gain access to companies’ secure information or assets.”

    According to the Qualifications Amendment Bill, “Any person convicted of an offence in terms of this act is liable to a fine or to imprisonment for a term of no longer than five years, or to both a fine and such imprisonment; and any person, educational institution, board member or director may be ordered to close its business and be declared unfit to register a new business for a period not exceeding 10 years.”

    Condon also said that the Bill should act as a safeguard against dishonest applicants applying for high-profile jobs such as CEOs and executives. It also aims to aid in cleaning up South Africa’s political scene as politicians will be subjected to even more rigorous background checks with the threat of severe penalties if dishonesty is found. In case the previously mentioned penalties stipulated by the Bill were not enough, the Bill also aims to publish a name and shame list for those who have been caught out when being deceitful on their CVs.

    Condon added that every company wants employees that are honest and people who have the relevant training and experience so that the company can grow in the right direction. This Bill helps to protect the integrity of the hiring process by hopefully deterring dishonest applicants. In the meantime, it is critical that labor brokers and businesses in the process of hiring seek out the services of professional investigation and risk management consultants, to conduct background checks, screening and vetting of any candidates – before they make any appointments.