Police warn for caution as teen raped in taxi


    Driver deviates taxi, rapes teen in secluded street.

    Alex police warned residents not to risk their lives by moving around at certain times and to places where they could be easy targets.

    Alexandra Police Station spokesperson Captain Stephen Malatji issued the warning after a recent reported rape incident of an unsuspecting 19-year-old female commuter by a taxi driver.

    “She boarded the taxi which had no other passengers at 9 pm on 20th Avenue en route to Ext 8. To her surprise, the driver deviated to Ext 7 and stopped the vehicle in a deserted street.

    “He then locked all its doors, jumped on top of her and strangled her while also undressing her and thereafter, he raped her without a condom.”

    Malatji pleaded with residents at large to avoid risky places and ensure they are among a number of other people also when moving in the early hours of the day.


    Source: Ewn