Pan Africa Mall raid: JMPD return to unfinished business


    ”A female JMPD warden sustained bruises to her face and body and was taken to Milpark Hospital where she was treated and discharged,” Minnaar said.

    According to JMPD spokesperson, Wayne Minnaar, a team of officers were sent out to enforce the city’s bylaws by removing illegal street traders.

    However, things soon turned violent when a female JMPD officer was attacked, as you will see in the video that did the rounds over the weekend.

    The hawkers did not want the metro police offices impounding their goods and reacted violently to that.
    A female officer was brutally assaulted by male hawkers and had to be taken to hospital for treatment.
    They then started impounding the goods of the hawkers who were trading on narrow streets and that was when they were attacked.
    As the female officer is being assaulted, people surround them and another man hits her with something he’s holding.


    This turn of events only encouraged the JMPD officers to return o Pan Africa Mall, “where they arrested two male suspects”.

    It is believed that the pair was directly responsible for inciting Sunday’s violence and have since been charged with assault and interfering with an officer in the execution of duty.

    According to Minnaar, the fight against illegal street traders is far from over. A team of JMPD officers has been gathered and, on Tuesday, they will launch a bigger, more fierce, follow-up raid, “to enforce City bylaws outside Alexandra’s Pan Africa Mall”.

    Source: IOL