Opportunities for a Stress-Free 2020 are Waiting in the CBD


    We know… The Janu-worry pocket-pinch is real! Christmas and the new year are always expensive enough already with travelling to see family around the country, then there’s school uniforms and fees for 2020 to think of, as well.

    Coming back to work in January without a place to stay can actually end up costing you more in the long run, even if you feel like you made a saving in December. Transporting or storing your household goods for the festive season can cost you plenty, and these days, most new rental leases will also require a security deposit and perhaps even the first and last month’s rent (depending on rental trends in your area and the preferences of your landlords).

    Living in the City: A better quality of life for less

    More and more every year, the beautifully renovated old buildings that are being given a rebirth in South Africa’s innercity neighbourhoods are attracting residents by the thousands – people from all over who enjoy the affordable rentals, clean and modern apartments, and the close distances to transport, public amenities, entertainment, and shopping options.

    New buildings, new Ways to Appeal to Tenants

    It’s not just the tenants that are new. Renovated buildings downtown are packed with sidewalk traders, markets, artists and shops. Building owners are extremely selective about who they rent space to and always try to have a good balance of tenants to add maximum value to the lives of residents.

    “It’s all about going the extra mile to show people that our inner cities are once again safe, clean, affordable, and ready for communities to move in and enjoy better quality of life,” says Paul Schaefer, CEO of Ithemba Property Management.“At Ithemba,we believe in building communities that bring together loyal long-term tenants with similar needs, interests and values. In fact, we also believe in actively rewarding and giving back to our loyal tenants– whether it’s with giveaways, 1-month rental holiday promotions, or cash-back offers when they sign a new lease.” he added.

    With such offers going around, it’s no surprise that these innercity apartments are in high demand among tenants looking to add value to their lifestyles and their budgets for a good start to the new decade. Make 2020 the year you stop playing “musical chairs” with your home and put down roots in a place you can love for the long term.


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