Obesity rates increasing globally


Obesity has become a global problem and very little progress is being made to address the rising rates.

The World Health Organisation said all countries are significantly off track and will miss targets to hold obesity rates steady.

According to the World Obesity Federation rates have nearly tripled since 1975 and have increased almost five times in children and adolescents.

Paediatrician Iqbal Karbanee said there are many health risks associated with obesity, especially in children.

“There are numerous health risks, what we find is that most people know about the adult risks of obesity, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease…

For example, Type 2 diabetes, we usually see it in adults as they put on more weight as they get older.

Unfortunately, we are seeing a similar phenomenon in children who are as young as 8, 9 and 10 are developing Type 2 diabetes, which is adult-onset diabetes”, said Dr Karbanee.

He said it is important for parents to realise that the only way to tackle the issue would be to ensure that the entire family begins the journey towards a healthier diet.