NPO calls on police to handle GBV cases better

    NPO “Cstahood” has called on police to work more effectively and secure convictions a lot quicker.
    eTV/Graeme Raubenheimer

    JOHANNESBURG – Men must wake up and police must act faster.

    This according to a group of women activists who marched to the Johannesburg central police station to demand quicker turnaround times for gender violence cases.

    The NPO “Cstahood” has called on police to work more effectively and secure convictions a lot quicker.

    At the same time, the case against the Soweto man accused of killing Tshegofasto Pule has been postponed for the third time.

    Malephane has yet to appoint a lawyer or apply for bail.

    The Roodepoort magistrates’ court had to be deep-cleaned after positive cases of COVID-19 were reported last week.

    Pule’s family said they were told the case would resume on 9 July only to be informed it is scheduled for 23 July, according to the charge sheet.

    The NPA has yet to comment on the reasons for the mix-up.

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