No signs of a Dieplsoot shutdown


    Seems like business as usual in Diepsloot with no reports of any disruptions after reports of a shutdown.

    After reports of a planned shutdown in the Diepsloot area 15 July, it appears there is no shutdown, as it seems to be business as usual, with no reports of any type of protest action or disruptions. The police did monitor the area since the late evening of 14 July. Public transport is operating as normal and residents went to work without any disruptions.

    An initial report, 14 July, 6.35pm

    According to a statement doing the rounds on social media, a shutdown has been declared for Diepsloot starting from (15 July) until Tuesday (16 July). Only clinics will be allowed to operate.

    On their list of demands, the community of Diepsloot is demanding that all informal settlements within the area must have access to electricity. They are appealing to the Department of Energy to release a budget for that. The community is also protesting for the removal of all undocumented citizens and illegal immigrants, with immediate effect. This is said to be because of the high rate of crime that is plaguing the community.

    The residents of Diepsloot are also expected to peacefully march to the house of  Gauteng Premier David Makhura to hand over their memorandum of demands.

    The community members are expected to be up by 4 am to begin their protest. Police spokesperson Captain Makgowanyana Maja said the circulating message cannot be confirmed as either bogus or legitimate.