No protocol for police stopping motorists


    JOHANNESBURG – Police can stop motorists anywhere, anytime. Hard to believe in a country with such a high crime rate and where bogus cops are a reality.Equally hard to believe is that there isn’t a protocol that law enforcement needs to follow.

    One motorist says she was harassed by Johannesburg Metro Police officials and she has laid a complaint.

    “The men got out the car they are holding rifles we are completely perplexed no one explains what they want from us and we are confused and scared and intimidated and highly harassed.”

    The 26-year-old says not one of the officers would explain why she’d been stopped. So what is the procedure when you’re stopped by law enforcement officials?

    Howard Dembovsky of Justice Project SA says there is no procedure.“Regrettably there is no procedure, the law requires that a motorist stops for an officer. we need law enforcement to come on board and understand that people feel threatened by bogus and real police.”

    Meanwhile, the JMPD says their officials acted correctly. JMPD has denied the allegations of harassment and says that the officers were merely doing their jobs.