Newly formed civic organisation wants every citizen to have a place called home-Alexandra


    ALEXANDRA – Mpofu said many South Africans were earning too little to qualify for a bond while earning too much to get an RDP house.

    A newly formed civic organisation, the National Neglected Citizen (NNC) has said it will work hard to ensure that justice is served for those who have been ‘robbed of their right to shelter’ by government and property companies.

    The deputy chairperson of the organisation Sibonelo Mpofu said many South Africans were earning too little to qualify for a bond but earn too much to qualify for an RDP house.

    “Our main objective as a civic organisation is to help the most neglected South Africans who are unable to get houses. This group of citizens earn too little to get a bond and too much to get RDP houses. We promote every citizen’s right to have shelter and we represent and negotiate on behalf of these people with the government to sell them vacant pieces of land on which they can build themselves houses,” he said.

    Mpofu explained that their organisation has established a number of branches nationwide to help those he described as the ‘most neglected people in the land’. “We have branches in different townships all over the country. Here in Alexandra, we have a strong presence with the majority of people who have no place to call home though they are working. We will engage the government to sell the vacant land to our members at a reasonable price.”

    The organisation’s second in command said the company is concerned about the illegal evictions of people in Alexandra, Tsutsumani and River Park that have been reported. “We condemn the illegal evictions of people in Tsutsumani and River Park by a group called Dudula. If they know people who do not qualify to be in certain houses, why don’t they refer the matter to the police? They are not a law enforcement agency, they must allow the law enforcement agency to do the work.”

    Source: Alex News