New Breathalyser test has led to high conviction rate: JMPD


    Johannesburg Metro Police say the launch of the Evidential Breathalyser Alcohol Test (EBAT) system has led to a high conviction rate in cases of driving under the influence of alcohol.

    Driving under the influence of alcohol is the cause of many fatal crashes on South African roads.

    The EBAT system is able to give a printout of the driver’s alcohol level instantly, eliminating the need for a blood test.

    It is currently being tested at roadblocks.

    JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar says the courts now have the reading to use as evidence against the drunken driver without a blood sample.

    He says: “We have been using this since December and we have arrested well over 1 000 drunk drivers. The conviction rate is very high because drunken drivers now appear in court within three months of the date of the arrest.

    Source: SABC News