National Water Week highlights the importance of sustaining water


    The Department of Water and Sanitation marks National Water Week from 17–24 March and sustaining water is key for future generations.

    The Department of Water and Sanitation with the Department of Environmental Affairs initiated National Water Week as an awareness campaign to put the spotlight on the importance of sustaining water.  

    Water is a very vital resource and climate change has affected the demands in developing nations and places that have water scarcity. Rainfall patterns are changing, dam levels are reaching dangerously low levels, droughts have been experienced in many provinces across South Africa with even water-shedding implemented in some parts. The aim of the campaign is to highlight how water is used in social and economic development and to educate people to change their behaviour towards Water.

    There is currently no alternative to water, it is advised that people try and use water wisely and sparingly. World Water Day will be marked on 22 March.