Mother of newborn kidnapped and raped by “good Samaritans”


By Doreen Mokgolo

When a teenage mother left her home on Thursday morning for her son’s 10-day medical check-up at Jubilee Hospital, she was hoping he’d get a clean bill of health.

Unfortunately, the young family never made it to the hospital. Instead the 19-year-old mother was kidnapped, assaulted, raped and left to die.

The first-time mother from Hammanskraal, north of Tshwane, said that she was struggling to walk to the bus stop as she was still recovering from her C-section operation, when she was approached by her assailants.

“I was still in pain but decided to force myself to walk. While on my way to the bus stop two men offered me a lift. I thought they were good Samaritans who saw my pain and wanted to help me as a new mother,” she explained.

She accepted their offer. In the car, while the men were making small talk, one of them sprayed her face with an unknown substance. She lost consciousness.

She woke up the following day inside a makeshift shack in the bush in Dilopye, about 10 km from where she was picked up. Her small baby boy was crying uncontrollably next to her; he had not been fed throughout the night. 

“I kept asking myself what kind of men go on to rape me when they could see that I had just given birth and had my newborn baby in my hands,” she said.

Though weak, she managed to limp through the bush towards houses she saw at a distance until she met a cattle herder who offered to help her.

The herder left her in the care of one of the women in the area who called the police and her family.

“I am now living in fear that the men might come back to finish what they have started because they picked me up not far from my home,” she said.

And although she went through the most traumatic experience she wouldn’t wish on anyone, she said she was grateful it all happened when she was unconscious.

Temba police spokesperson Sergeant Herman Moremi confirmed that they are investigating a case of rape and kidnapping.

“Investigations are underway and the suspects are yet to be arrested,” he said.


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