family and friends gathered to celebrate gogo’s 90th birthday (from left: gogo Titi, her daughter-in-law to right: gogo’s family)

By Lebo Mathavhathe

As we’re celebrating women’s month we were informed about the birthday celebration of Gogo Titi Magagula born on the 30th of August 1928. She was surrounded by family and close friend and praised as the precious gift from God by her daughter-in-law.’’ The most precious gift from God to this world is a woman, Gogo is a pivot source of love in every way and a blessing to us all.’’ Says daughter-in-law

She is blessed with two sons, five grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren at which she shares her birthday with her two grandchildren which makes her day even extra special. This was really a blessing from Gogo for her to live to this age and to be able to concur all odds. Her day should always be celebrated with love and the family must always gather together to show her love and warmth while they still can. Not only is gogo an easy woman to live with, but a woman of strength who would do anything for her children and the team thanks to her family for organizing such a wonderful event for her. Happy birthday to u, we wish you all the best!